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Instructions for Authors

Submitting articles

After creating your account (sign up), please sign in to the Contemporary Issues members area, please go the the "my articles" section and press the "add new article" button in order to submit your article.


Papers should be written in Croatian or English language and have to be submitted in MS Word.

Colour, alignment, font and spacing, margins

Text should be black, justified and written in Times New Roman, 12 pt font and 1,5 line spacing, margins 2.5 cm.

Articles and reviews

The articles should have a minimum of 30.000 characters including spaces and should be organized under section headings and numbered in an appropriate order. It should have Summary (100 250 words) and Key words. Articles in Croatian should include both summary in Croatian and English language.


Footnotes should be used for explanation, clarification of the text and as a reference to additional literature. It should be 10 pt and 1,0 pt line spacing.

Tables and pictures

Tables and pictures should be numbered consecutively and each table and picture should include also a title and a source.

References and citation rules

Citations in the text should be note in shorter form (name, year: page).

List of quoted references should be placed in the end of the paper.

REFERENCES should be qouted as described below: