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Contemporary Issues
International Journal for Social Sciences & Humanities

Contemporary Issues

As announced in the last issue, this issue is the first one to implement the new editorial policy of focusing on South Eastern Europe. During the preparation of this issue, our publisher, the Political Science Research Centre, became part of the VERN’ groupation. This change will bring the Journal into a new, broader environment which is expected to bring about a fruitful collaboration and change of ideas between the Journal Editors and lecturers of the University of Applied Sciences VERN’. Also, a member of our Editorial Board, Professor Dr. Vlatko Cvrtila, has become the new dean of the University of Applied Sciences VERN’. In this year’s issue we have three International Relations papers, one paper covering contemporary history and one in education science. In the first article, Petar Popović deals with war, balance of power and international law as three key institutions of the international society and emphasized the crucial importance of natural law for the understanding of the international society. In the second paper, Borna Zgurić questions the democratic peace theory and uses the example of Iraq to argue that democratization can lead to civil war. In the fourth article, Marin Juričević i Vedran Obućina analyze the role of elite social networks in diplomacy and international relations with the example of the Order of Malta and the Freemasons. Vladimir Filipović analyzes in his paper the role of participation in the UNPROFOR mission for the French foreign policy, especially the relation towards the United States and the United Nations. In the fifth paper, Marta Račić deals with competency models and the Croatian education policy in the light of EU accession and the building of foundations for the knowledge-based society envisaged in national, European and international development agendas. This issue also brings a conference report on social entrepreneurship, as well as two book reviews.

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suvremene TEME / CONTEMPORARY issues  issue 1, volume 6, Zagreb 2013